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“Solidarity between blacks and white Jews must be mutual. It cannot be based on a notion of black people as needy victims that white Jews “help.” It cannot be based on gratitude extended by blacks to white Jews for those historical moments when they have been steadfast comrades in struggle furthering black liberation. It has to be rooted in a recognition on the part of which both groups of shared history, shared struggle, and the ways in which our past and future destinies both connect and diverge. It has to be rooted in an ongoing political recognition that white supremacy relies on the maintenance of antiblack racism and anti-Semitism, hence there will never be a time when these two struggles will not be connected. No matter how many strong ties Jewish Americans make with white South Africa, thereby condoning the maintenance of white supremacy, this reality will remain. Wherever there is white supremacy, there will be anti-Semitism and racism.”

— bell hooks, Keeping a Legacy of Shared Struggle (1992)

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