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November 17 2017

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*✧ ♥ bisexual celebrities ♥ *✧

my people, bless

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Annalise: *stays in her lane for the first time ever*

The Keating 5:


I can’t believe Simon fucking accidentally shot himself with Laurel’s gun and Oliver is doing CPR and crying and freaking the fuck out because “he’s never seen a dead body” 

Ollie baby this is your official Keating 5 initiation.

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Keanu’s Hollywood Scandal

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KJ Apa -  GQ Australia [December 2017] | Breakthrough Actor of the Year 2017
Photography by Doug Inglish

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November 16 2017

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And suddenly the Joker is interesting again.

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Amber Heard
© Nino Muñoz // GQ Australia

November 15 2017

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Oscar Kindelan by Sergi Jasanada – H Hombre de Vanguardia (October 2017)

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Anatoly Goncharov

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tbh i am not the person you want to be texting in an emergency, my notifications are off and i’m on Do Not Disturb. i haven’t had a ringtone since the dark years of ‘06. i’ll text u back in four (business) months like “hope that worked out, the Lord works in mysterious ways xx”



A six year old once asked me what adulthood is like.

“You can eat ice cream for dinner every night if you want,” I told him.

His face lit up.

“But you have to buy it yourself.”

I’ve never seen someone go from delighted to devastated as quickly as that little boy.

This is the most accurate description of adulthood I’ve ever heard.



All right gamers, bear with me here. What if I told you that the entire world economic system was structured like EA games? And those people waving “don’t tread on me” flags or voting for Gary Johnson are the equivalent of EA shills and apologists?

Don’t support EA shills. Become a socialist.

tired: harry potter political analogies

wired: gaming political analogies

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