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February 08 2018

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holy shit my parents are in town. I’ll have to go see them

February 06 2018

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my speech after planting the communist flag atop the Capitol dome lmao

February 05 2018

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I just reached my 1,000 followers milestone today after being on tumblr for a year. It was a massive shock to the system because I went from not having a mobile or any social media and knowing nothing about fandom to being incredibly active on tumblr, twitter, instagram, the lot in the last couple of years. Honestly it was a far more fulfilling and valuable experience than I could have ever expected. I discovered my sexual identity and I am slowly managing to find a way to navigate all the multiple parts of my identity into a comfortable hybrid. Its given me an insane level of self worth and confidence, which is the last thing anybody expects from the internet. I feel like my voice is valued and its one of the most empowering things a gal can feel.

And I have you to thank for that; my best friends, the people I occasionally message when my anxiety calms down, the sweet lovely anons, the intellectual conversations I have with all the smart ones, the hyperactive obsessive series of rants and exclamation marks!! I have with people the first time I speak to them, the ones who don’t say anything but quietly like every post, the argumentative ones that make me question my myself. I respect and love all of you, every side of this weird little fandom. So here’s my follow forever list:


@aaronandrobert, @aarondingel, @aaronwozere, @afraschatz, @aintnobodyfresherthanmygays, @annemonyk-g, @aarondinglestears, @blondhairedking, @bitinglip4robert, @beautifulhigh, @bijou1986, @bisexualrhee, @claudiaboleyn, @capseycartwright, @carlwritesbadsmut, @charitychastity, @charitydingle, @chrissecharity, @chimichangabumboy, @charityandvanessa, @calsethans, @collianz, @cassiopea-13, @cuterobronthings, @clarygreenleaf ,@dinglehorton, @dingleautomotives, @dingleminyard, @dairxoxo, @dorsetti, @dasoni, @duckbuttocks, @dinglescruff, @domschiltern, @dannymiller-irish-fan, @evak-malec, @evnsisak, @eloquentmydear, @emiliagrant, @escapingreality51, @emiliagrant, @emmerdaleconfessions, @emmerdaleladies, @edeysalblr, @edladies, @elfysparkles88, @endlessemptyrambling, @emodingle


@flawswelove, @foreverrhapsody, @fakehappygertyorkes, @f4llen87@friedapetrenkosbraids, @fluffysuggle, @grain-entrapment, @gifsrobron, @godamnarmsrace, @ghost-online, @HeydrichMuller, @harrietsxdimples, @holyscrap, @hollyanniversaryweek, @hpdsugden, @helenhuntingdon, @heartneverliez, @isaacdingle, @isabellaofparma, @itswheremydemonshide10, @idealuk, @iamarobronniffler, @inloveamateursatbest, @incorrectedquotes, @inthedreamatorium, @imre-gr, @itsineveryfairytale, @itsbeaconhillsbaby


@justleavemebreathless, @joetates, @jazz-of-h3arts, @jacosh, @kayceecruz, @kingdingles, @lizzzzoo, @lesbidale, @littleatticboy, @letthebluerain, @luststricken, @littlelooneyluna, @ladyofthe80s, @lastgoldsun, @longlivethefreakinme, @memorieswarm, @miss-bookworm, @minglewithadingle, @musicmy13, @matan4il, @messedup21, @masondingle, @misswhimsy, @miiramed, @markzuckerbergs


@nvrtickleadragon, @nooneelsecomesclose17, @notforonesecond, @noonano, @omarandjohnny, @ollievalentines, @oliviaxflaherty, @livingseries, @og2ladsinloohve, @portinastorm, @persiflager, @pvrispxramore, @paramoredingle, @phansdingle, @queenlivflaherty, @rocketdocket, @robertmakesafoolofhimself, @ryanhawleysthighs, @raikkonenaddict, @raisingsunmighty, @robron-headcanons, @robertsadmission, @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad, @robertisbisexual, @robert-and-aaron-are-husbands, @robertisanidiot, @rufarooqi, @robertsugdn, @robert-sugden-trash, @robert-studpants, @robertsuggers


@senselessthunderbolt, @seokjinstaehyungs, @sapphicsugden, @stulot, @strongboyfriends, @sharmadrama, @suggers-got-dingled, @sugdens-robert, @sickboysrenton, @sexyronniehale, @sweetcandygirl21, @skylesbian@smugdensugden, @smugbisexualtrash, @sugarmag78, @stoptakenallthenames, @snugglebeaningrid, @thesnowyswan, @theprincessed, @thisissirius, @thisdamndesire, @tazza1993, @thegirl20, @theinvinciblecity, @thereandwhitequeen, @trashmouthsugden, @tinyblonderocketwoman, @tinbox, @turquoiseterrier, @tonyspegasus, @ubiquitousenas, @unmachined, @victoriasugden, @vckaarrob, @visirion, @vaticanchameleon, @vanitydingle, @veryveryverytemporarily, @vicbartons,


@whatdiknow,@wellyfullofale, @wholove, @xlozx, @xflagdlex, @youslicetheginger, @yasisworld, @7amlecturerambles

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@ anon, M8 a real man can handle both genders so imma take these three beauties end of

January 31 2018

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When someone tells me to “have more confidence in myself”.

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So we shoot barking dogs now

Hey look, the cop actually shot the bad guy this time

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real lgbt solidarity


can we please stop taking “this ancient society allowed powerful men to keep young boys/lower-class men as sex slaves” as a sign that society had gay rights







At least Bill Gates chilled out and gave away some money when he neared $100 billion, Jeff Bezos is just out here raking in cash and donating nothing



Jeff Bezos has $105 billion now lol

literally was does one do with all that money literally nobody can even spend that much money in a lifetime

If Jeff Bezos spent ten million dollars every single day it would take him 27 years to get down to his last million

Yeah no, this is a perfect example of what they don’t teach in schools about the wealthy and the “capital” part of capitalism. (Or compound interest but ehhh I’ll simplify)

Let’s start with the most ridiculously conservative version of where Jeff Bezos keeps his money. (Also let’s lose a quick $5b and say he has $100b rather than $105b, for simplicity.) Now, let’s say he keeps $100b in a savings account that earns 1% interest, compounded annually. 

(Let me make it clear that both the rate and the percentage are ridiculously low and nobody would do this ever, especially with one hundred billion dollars. This is for educational purposes only.)

So, that means, at the end of the year, he’ll have “earned” a billion dollars just for having this much money in this particular savings account. 

I put quote marks around “earned” because he didn’t work for it. He got money for having money. HE GOT A BILLION DOLLARS FOR HAVING A HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. (And again I remind you that this is the absolutely ridiculous lowest version for explanation’s sake.)

So in this example, if he spends $10m a day for a year, that’s $3b650m he spends in one year. BUT HE “EARNS” BACK A BILLION DOLLARS JUST FOR HAVING MONEY. So he actually only spent $2b650m. (Again, these are not the real numbers; I’m simplifying.) So your span of time has to be much, much longer than 27 years. It’s not that straightforward.

BUT! Jeff Bezos doesn’t keep his $105b in a 1%/yr savings account. He has a diverse portfolio, high-yield interest investments, most likely offshore accounts (I can’t remember if he was in the Panama Papers or not), etc. So if the lowest possible example has him “earning” a billion dollars a year just because he has money, imagine what he’s “earning” just because he has money in a diversified portfolio where he’s getting way, way more than 1% back annually. 

He could spend, as the above comment says, ten million dollars every single day, and literally make it all back plus a whole lot more. He would never run out of money.

Try to understand the evils of capitalism here.

A person with $100 billion could spend $10 million a day, every day, for his whole life, and that person would die with more money than they had when they began spending $10 million a day.

Extra credit: find out how much the people who work in the Amazon shipping centers are making. Let those figures sit in your brain for a few days. You get 5 extra credit points if your head doesn’t explode.

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Steve Hughes on the Week

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“i’m 4% Irish, 28% German, 14% Scottish-

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The US Has Military Bases in 80 Countries. All of Them Must Close.



Peace and environmental activists from every region around the globe shared their experiences protesting the devastating environmental and health impacts caused by US military bases, which are wreaking havoc to health and well-being in so many communities. From Agent Orange in Vietnam, depleted uranium in Iraq, and munitions dumps and firing ranges in Vieques, Puerto Rico, to a toxic brew of poisons along the Potomac River, communities and soldiers as well as children born subsequent to exposure to these toxins are suffering a broad range of illnesses and inherited genetic damage, while the US government ducks any accountability for the harm caused by its mindless dumping and reckless burial of untreated toxic military wastes. Indeed, while some of the United States’ so-called “peer” nations, like Germany, have successfully sued for funds for clean-up of military bases after the US left them in dreadful condition, countries in Latin America, Asia, or Africa have been unable to hold the US to account, which is more evidence of the white patriarchy exercising its privilege …

not only does the US military pollute and destroy the environment where ever the bases are located, they also terrorize, rape and murder and commit too many atrocious crimes. it’s fucking out of control. go home already.




  • wait until it gets dark and make tea or coffee or hot chocolate, or if it’s too hot outside make yourself a healthy smoothie with your favorite things in it at any point during the day
  • put on your favorite underwear, it helps, trust me, it’s an old family secret (i’m not kidding)
  • if you have a pet, play the “how many things can i stick on you until you move or get mad” game (bonus points if they fall asleep, extra bonus points if a family member sees you and tells you to quit it, extra double ultra points if they join in)
  • rip a peice of paper into as many little pieces as you can
  • go to animeseason.com and click “random anime” until you see one that looks completely ridiculous (or actually good) and watch the first episode. repeat if it sucked or if you get bored halfway through
  • spend at least an hour making a music playlist for how you feel right now and save it for now or when you feel a bad mood rise again
  • curl up in bed and cover yourself with blankets and pillows and put in music and just lay there for a while (sleeping is also good)
  • eat everything
  • drink lots of water
  • it’s okay bad moods don’t last forever!!!!!! i promise!!! you will be yourself soon and there are people who love you very much, don’t be afraid to reach out to them
  • you are lovely
  • eat lots of bananas

here are some more friends

  • i bet there is still a box of crayons in your house somewhere (if not you can get them cheap during back-to-school sales); find them and use them (maybe while watching ridiculous anime)
  • sunshine if you can manage it or just a sun lamp trust me it matters more than you think especially in winter
  • hugs even if they are stuffed animals or your pet or your pillow whatever is on hand
  • if you’ve got a favorite lotion/soap/thing that is scented use it liberally
  • cry if you need, if it doesn’t start by itself or if you don’t want to attract attention put on a sad movie so you have an excuse
  • write this down to pull out on future bad days:
  • it is okay to have a day where you don’t get things done
  • it is okay not to have a reason for feeling bad
  • taking care of yourself is a worthwhile use of time
  • if you still don’t feel better it is not your fault (and it is okay to ask for help)




I’m in Poland and they keep showing this pizza advert and it’s amazing.

It starts off with rival pizza makers who argue over who has the best pizza and are driving the customers away

Then there’s this crazy old lady who yells at them from a window to quit it (because where else do you yell business advice from?)

So they work together and do some obvious flirting via pizza montage

And the old lady is all like “just kiss already”

Then they create a pizza together, combine restaurants and live happily ever after with the crazy window lady

waking up to gay pizza makers, today’s gonna be a good day

a family pizzeria can be two lesbians and a window lady

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